My Top Five Favorite Shows From the 1990s

Happy Friday! Oh yeah, time to do the Friday Dance.  For me? It's the Roger Rabbit:

Get down. 

I actually have a three day weekend! Woot! So, I thought I would share with you my five favorite shows from the 1990s.  As you know, the 90s are a very special time for me- I went through middle school, high school and college in the 90s.  That is the decade that I grew up in.  I wore the overalls! Check out my BFF and I rockin' the style. 

1.  Buffy.  Obviously.  If Buffy the Vampire Slayer doesn't make it on a list- I lose hope in humanity.  I *still* want to be Willow. 

2.  Charmed.  WITCHES!!!!!

3.  My girl, JB Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote.  

4.  Family Matters.  Urkel.  Enough said.

5.  Full House.  Okay, it didn't START in the 1990s but it did END in the 90s.  I am still in love with their house.  Hey dude...

Honestly, It was very hard to end with ONLY five! How can one only pick FIVE?!

Do you have any favorite shows from the 1990s? Or any decade you are sentimental about?

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