It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

"It's Monday! What Are You Reading?" is a weekly link up hosted by the wonderful Sheila at Book Journey.  Each week, we share what we read and what we are reading! I totally think you should join in on the fun!

I came down with a bugger of a head cold Wednesday and haven't blogger or visited any blogs since then.  Boooo....  I am trying to catch up with my posts and visiting now that I am feeling better and have Monday off.

I am still reading through "Skinny Legs and All" by Tom Robbins but once again, I got distracted by another book.  I am a HUGE Mercy Thompson fan and when I saw that "Frost Burned" was out in paperback, I grabbed it and inhaled it.

I have to say, Patricia Briggs has been keeping this series consistently good.  One of the issues that I find, at least ones I have read, with Sci-Fi/Fantasy books, especially the ones featuring preternatural characters, is that the female protagonist either becomes a glorified hole and has sex with every creature she comes across, she is caught up in a lame love triangle or she is too independent to be in any relationship.  I find that it seems to be a very hard thing to balance- to have a strong female lead in a good relationship BUT Patricia Briggs has proven that she can have a strong female lead who IS independent but is in a loving relationship.  Heck, Mercy and Adam are married and they are absolutely amazing.  If you haven't read this one and are a fan of the series, pick it up. Many of the characters are back that didn't appear in River Marked.

What are YOU reading this week?
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