Hump Day Music: Let's Go To The Mall

Confession.  I totally forgot it was Wednesday until I was talking to an insurance representative in Illinois and she was talking about her camel on her desk (I seriously thought she was talking about a candle and then it clicked) and I was a bit slow on the uptake.  However, a coworker and I were chit-chatting about #CockInASock (it's to raise awareness about testicular cancer.  Whatever works! They have raised some cash) and as I was drooling scrolling through Instagram, I found this

Which has led to this week's Hump Day Music! Teenage Mall Music!

Seriously.  I wanted to be Tiffany or Debbie Gibson sooooooooooooo bad.  They were teenagers, famous, beautiful and talented.  I also was so in love with Joey from New Kids on the Block.  Oh and while I am confessing (or something like that!), my sister and I used to call this toll free fan line for the boy band, Menudo (I am pretty sure Ricky Martin was in the band at the time) from the pay phone at the library and chat with the band members.  I have no clue how we got that number and I guarantee we weren't chatting with the boys from Menudo and now that I think about it... I am pretty sure it wasn't even their fan line.  Who the heck were we even talking to? Hmmmm... creepy now that I think about it.  Ha ha.  

So... here we go! Let's go to the mall wearing tight rolled jeans, aquanet hair and chomping on bubble gum!

Oh and step back.. he's singing to me:

Your turn! Who did you jam to in middle school/high school.

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