Spices? I Think It's a Yes!

How many times have we wasted many hours pinning outfits we will never own, homes we will never live in, rooms we will never decorate, food we won't make and crafts that will never happen? Lots of hours.  At least for me!  I love Pinterest for the simple fact that it gives me ideas and it's just a digital dream book!

There are so many things I desire to make and the only way I will ever get through my thousands upon thousands of pins is to become independently wealthy and no longer work.  *sighs* The dream.  I found this pin:

I couldn't stop staring.  I just couldn't.  I am still drooling.   I love, love, love Eastern flavors and Indian food is one of my favorites.  This picture? Stick a fork in me- I'm done.   I clicked and that's it.  I am done.  THIS image is from a blog for a spice shop.  I can't even describe it, you need to just go visit Season With Spice.  The blog is out of this world.  The photos are so beautiful and you can practically smell the aroma of the food through the picture.  The spice shop has such an amazing variety of Asian spices available.  I literally sat there for three hours adding spices to my cart and then reading the recipes connected to the spices until I finally checked out.  I read through their story and you could just fall in love with Reese and Mark.

 I am so impressed with how quickly my order shipped out and arrived.  From Minnesota to Arizona? Two days.  Oh and I spent $30 and my shipping was free.  They have packaging their spices to an art form!  The best part? A HANDWRITTEN NOTE?  How is THAT for customer service?

Season With Spice Order

Here is what I ordered: Red Chili Flakes, Lemongrass Ginger, Spicy Korean Chili, Chinese Ginger, Curry Spiced Sea Salt, Tandoori, Sweet & Spicy Curry, Vietnamese Spicy BBQ, Sri Lankan Curry Powder and  Coconut Palm Sugar.  That little jar in the top right corner? That's Java Chai Tea blend.  It was freeeee!!

All of this for a little over $30.  Smoking deal.  ESPECIALLY on exotic spices.  I am so happy.  I have found my #1 Asian Spice supplier.  My #1 all around spice supplier is Penzey's.

Dear Season With Spice-

Thank you.

I love you.  Not kidding.

You new loyal stalker, er... fan.  Yeah, that's it.

Again, I highly recommend check out their shop if you are in the market for some amazing spices for recipes you have been dying to try! I am so happy (obviously! Ha!).  Visit Season With Spice here.

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disclaimer: None needed :)  I purchased these out of my own pocket.  I am sharing this shop because I am a fan and love to share the gems that I find!

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