6 Random Obsessions

#1- I am obsessed with the Counting Crows (among a few other bands).  I own every single album they have ever released and am a bit heartbroken that they are finally on tour again and they will be in Phoenix on August 7th.  I don't have anybody to watch Em so I can go and I am a bit bummed about it.  I have been wanting to see them live for so many years and ... well, it's all good.

#2 - I have a huge obsession with lingerie.  I buy so much that I am on first name basis with the girls who work at Victoria's Secret.

#3 - I am obsessed with clothes.  I have a closet full of really nice dresses, skirts, shoes, etc. and I don't wear any of them because I am self conscious about my weight.

#4 - I am also obsessed with boxes.  I love a good sturdy box.  What? A quality box is hard to come by and you never know when you need to move stuff.

#5 - I am obsessed with candles.  I have a hall linen closet full of candles.  Various kinds- Yankee (You're welcome, Ryan! LOL), Bath & Body Works, Febreze, and Glade.  My coworker sells Gold Canyon.  I ordered three. LOL - have to help support a small business... *whistles innocently*

#6 - I am obsessed with K-Dramas.  I am out of my mind in loooove with them.  Haha.

What are you obsessed with?

PS- I have comments on moderation and I will approve them as I know I can respond to them.  I am still trying to balance everything out :)

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