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The other day I posted about goals that were more personal in nature.

I am thinking more and more about there I want to go professionally.

Some days, I do dream the dream of being self employed.  Who wouldn't want to be their own boss and write your own paycheck? Other days, my realistic self chimes in and says "Really?" and that's all I need to stop day dreaming.

I still want to launch my soap and jewelry businesses.  That's going to happen but I am not sure that I want to quit my job (well, depends on the days at work. Ha. Oh and my mood).  I would love to be able to cut to part time status and get the product lines really going.

I would love for my blog to grow (which it is! yay!) and really help improve my writing skills, my content marketing skills and of course, social media marketing.  Actually.  I think goal has been achieved.  Well.  Not to professional levels but the fact that I am growing and improving is proof that my goals are being achieved.  *virtual high five*

I think I will really focus on my professional goals this weekend.  I really need to lay it out much more clearly than I already have them.

What goals do you have?

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