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So.  Remember last week when I showed your my hoarding purchases of books and I had gone a bit out of control purchasing a few book series? I wasn't sure WHICH book I would start first.  Well.  I have it figured out! It just took me a week but....
we have a winner winner chicken dinner!

I was a bit confused,  I thought the series was called "The First North Americans" but I was wrong.  It is actually "North America's Forgotten Past".  I finally got the first book in the series last week and I went through each series I bought and read the first few pages and "People of the Wolf" did it for me.  It began with the findings of a set of bones where a pipeline is being laid and an archaeology team is called in and they find it is the remains of a woman from the Clovis culture. It's a short opening and then it zooms right back to the past to when the woman was alive some 13,000 years ago.  

I was sold.  

I am already thoroughly enjoying the book and can envision reading a few more in the series over the next couple of weeks.

What are you reading? 

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