Back to School Tips #MoreMinutes (And $20 Paypal Giveaway!)

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When do your children return back to school? Our schools go back in less than a month! Eeks! Is it just me or does time seem to move faster when you get older?

Since Em has a traumatic brain injury, changes are much harder on her than others.  I start preparing her 3-4 weeks ahead of time when I know there will be a major change (i.e., the end of school meant the start of summer program and although she is excited for it, it's still rough!)

These are the things that I do to start preparing her for Back To School Time.

1.  Bedtime routine

I start getting her back on the school year routines in regards to bed time and wake times.  The school day starts at 7:30 am vs summer programs starting at 8:00 am.  Also, she rides the bus to school and has to be out at 6:40 in the morning.  That's a big change and getting BOTH of us back on schedule as soon as possible will be LESS of a crisis once it's time to return.

So, start getting back to the school year routine of bedtime and wake up time at least three weeks ahead of time so that way you are in a routine.

2.  Shopping

Who doesn't love getting new clothes and accessories?

We start with our back to school shopping three weeks before school starts.  We do not have to buy school supplies but summer growth... /ugh.  Massive.  This is her time to start picking out what she would like in regards to backpack, shoes, clothing and new hair accessories.  We also grab tissues and hand sanitizer for the teachers to have on hand in the classroom.

Shopping together will help ignite the excitement of returning to school! We all remember feeling so fresh on our first day back, right?

Speaking of hair...

3.  Add more minutes to your daily routine

Thanks to Great Clips' new app that allows you to check wait times at salons in your area, you can save time by checking on the app and plan your day accordingly!

We walked in, saw our name on the screen, checked in with the receptionist and Em was back with the stylist within minutes and we were out rather quick with her hair looking back to school fresh!

With the time saving app and saving more minutes, we had time to go out for lunch before going grocery shopping (saving money, too! LOL)

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What are some of your back to school tips and tricks?

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