Easy tips for a relationship refresh (and a Fiera Giveaway!)

Today’s post is sponsored by Fiera, but my love for their product is all my own!

What do you do when your relationship has gone stale

Do you try to find creative ways to rekindle the spark that may have dwindled down to an ember? 

Sometimes, you just have to date each other again and go back to moments that reminds you why you fell in love in the first place! 

1.  Go on a local adventure!

There are so many fun and interesting places to go and explore- regardless of where you live.  I am a sucker for ghost towns and historical places.  Arizona has a plethora of ghost towns from days gone by that are fun to explore (within safety and legal guidelines).  Jerome, Arizona is a town that was once dead and is now the liveliest ghost town around! They have phenomenal haunted tours (Yes, I am THAT girl!).  Find somewhere to go, spend the day acting like tourists and have fun!

2.  Go on a wine tour.

If you love wine, go on a fun tour of wine bars, wineries, or any other fun places to go on a tasting. 

We have an train (Verde Canyon Railroad) that goes through the Verde Canyon and serves wine.  It's a BLAST! 

3.  Cook together and make your favorite meal!

There's nothing like cooking (or doing any project together) to create intimacy.  I love a good cornish hen and this recipe is fantastic to make together and dine together (play some Pink Martini in the background for excellent mood music)

4.  Get a little help from a friend named, Fiera. 

Although Fiera is for use by women, it was created with couples in mind. Used together, Fiera will help increase intimacy. 

Fiera is scientifically proven to enhance physical arousal and increase interest in sex. We call this Before-Play. Wear Fiera for a few minutes before sex and simply remove it when you feel warmed-up and in the mood. Fiera’s unique combination of gentle suction and stimulation increases the sensations of tingling and fullness that accompany sexual arousal.

We are not a product intended to treat a medical condition. Fiera is for all normal, healthy women whose level of interest in sex or physical arousal isn’t what it once was, and they want more

While Fiera is created for all women who wish they had more interest or a better physical arousal response, post-menopausal women report particularly strong results with the product, since they are experiencing hormonal changes that can impact their enjoyment of sex.

Purchase a Fiera on Amazon for a limited time discounted price!


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