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I recently wrote a post with easy tips to control your appetite.  What if you're on the go? There are STILL easy ways to control cravings even when you are on the go.  

I don't know about YOU, but when I am running errands, I get a little hangry and when that happens? I am pulling into a drive thru and grabbing something to eat that is completely detrimental to getting healthier. 

OR when I am at work, the afternoon slump causes cravings.  I will want a soda and my downfall? Chocolate.  I will grab a candy bar and use it for the sugar rush to get through the short amount of time I have left in my work day.  Again, BAD CHOICE and it's all due to cravings! 

Lately, I've been bringing my own snacks and such with me to work and while running around.  I have been bringing a baggy with homemade trail mix (marcona almonds, dried cranberries, etc.) and I also bring along a bottle with Meta Appetite Control mixed with water.  Of course,  I also have my refillable water bottle on hand for continued hydration!

Meta Appetite Control is awesome.  I really like the orange zest flavor and is easy to locate at Walgreens in the digestive wellness aisle.  With Meta Appetite Control containing 100% natural psyllium fiber, it's a fiber brand that doctors stand behind.  We all know fiber is important for digestion and regularity.  Meta Appetite Control is clinically proven to reduce appetite in between meals.  This is a complete win- win! 

Do you remember when I said that I snack on junk in the afternoon at my day job? 


Well, I've replaced that habit with Meta Appetite Control.  It's a better option than chugging a soda and snarfing down a candy bar.  I find that it helps keep me full for the rest of the day at work and until it's time to eat dinner.  This makes ME happy and it's also a nice motivation boost towards reaching my health goals that are soooo desperately needed.  

It works great in smoothies and juice! 

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