Photoshop Elements

So... I am learning a little more each day on using Photoshop Elements.  I have Elements 9 and I have downloaded a few actions.  I am having so much fun.  I am learning more and more and I can't wait to truly master it!

Here's this shot and it's SOOC (Straight out of my camera)
Her first experience with Kansas wind. LOL.  Her face is dirty and the prairie is a bit... blah.  

I cleaned up her face and added a bit of POP to the background color.  It's much prettier!

I am pleased!

Also, I wanted to share these:
We stopped by Dorothy's House in Liberal Kansas.  Walked the Yellow Brick Road! LOL

A picture of my grandmother when she was about 16 years old.  I love this photo of her.


  1. Love it!! I would love to learn how to use action in photoshop elements too. Where did you learn?

    1. Hi Aneliz!

      I'm still learning a lot and have a looong way to go, for sure! Haha. Thank you! I've been watching Youtube Videos and I bought this book:
      Photoshop Elements: From Snapshots to Great Shots (I also have this guy's book for the Canon T2i). It's very informative. Here's the link to the Amazon page (so you can see the author and cover. It's not a referral link, just a link to the page)

  2. Very cool pictures. Looks like she was enjoying herself.

    1. Thanks Ryan! She did enjoy our visit home. She got a taste of the infamous Kansas wind! I know you already know :)


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