Happy Birthday, Mom & Nephew

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Yesterday was my mother's and my nephew's birthday.

I can't believe she has been gone for eight years now.

I can't believe my first nephew is officially 25. Wait.  No. BAD AUNT! BAD AUNT! He's 26! LOL

Where does time go? It flies so fast, it's crazy!

Yesterday, at work, my coworker and I were talking about country music and how good looking Blake Shelton is.  I had a good giggle because I recalled how much my mom lusted after Billy Ray Cyrus when he was a big deal.  My nephew was born on my mom's birthday and she was so tickled for her first grandson to be born on her birthday.  She would be so proud to see what a good man he is and a wonderful father he is to his daughters.

My mother in 1963 with her my oldest sibling, my sister T.

This little guy is now 25 26!  I am so bummed that we live so many miles apart but Facebook keeps us connected.  He is such a hoot and his daughters and wife are so awesome.  I miss them all! Pooh.  I miss all my family!

How cute are they? 

Just some thoughts on life from the amazing Thich Nhat Hanh.

Have an awesome day!

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