I don't need a man...

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When I was younger, I used to allow my ego to take control and become very offended by things people say.  Now, it doesn't affect me as much as it used to but from time to time it does.  There are a few things that people do say that really get under my skin.  For some reason, people seem to think I need their help, advice or other things along those lines.  I have NO clue why but it has really, really been pissing me off.  I am NOT helpless, I am NOT uneducated, and I am NOT in need of anybody's input.   Typically- I will ignore their input and carry on or I will respond with something extremely sarcastic and passive-aggressive. I definitely don't need a man.

The other day a well meaning person asked me why I am not married.  I responded with "Why should I be married?".  This person said "You're a single mom.  You NEED a man!".

My face was all kinds of Jackie Chan and Kat Williams wrapped up in one.

I asked "WHY do I need a man?"

She said "Well, Emma needs brothers and sisters, a man can fix your car, fix the house and you won't be lonely".


If those are the reasons to get married - I just pity the women who feel that way.

I don't NEED to be with a man to have more children (I can't have anymore even if I wanted anymore- which I don't want anymore anyways).  That is what sperm donors are for.

I don't NEED a man to fix my car- #1- Not all men CAN fix cars.  Just saying.  #2- I have a trusted mechanic who charges me a reasonable rate for any car repairs I may or may not need in the future.

I don't NEED a man to fix my house.  That's what the maintenance man is paid for in my apartment complex.  If I did have a house- I am sure I could fix MOST of the issues and if not, he probably can't either unless he is a tradesman anyways.

I don't NEED a man due to loneliness.  I am not lonely.  I am introvert- I don't NEED people.  I have books.  I have my daughter and amazing friends.

I don't NEED a man to pay my bills, either.

Ladies- if you NEED a man, you need to reassess yourself and your priorities.  Those who are so desperate for a partner (male or female) end up reeking of desperation and will generally attach themselves to the first person who winks at them and most times, it ends up as a bad relationship.

Be with a man because you WANT to be with him, you love his company, you love his personality and want him in your life.

Don't depend on him to survive.

Just want to be in a mutually respectful relationship that wants each other.

Don't be needy.

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