Assume the Fetal Position!

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just want to raise your fists to to the sky and say "What does it all mean?". Maybe not say but rather... SCREAM like a mad woman/man?

Yeah.  That was me last week and it seems to be a hangover into this week.

It all began last Tuesday.

I've always said that Tuesday is the ugly, hungover, step sister of Monday.

I wake up Tuesday happy and ready to slay the day and I hop out of bed.


Ow.  Ow.  Ow.  What in the hell?

My thoracic spine area (between my shoulder blades) felt like somebody punched me.  Then my left shoulder and neck started hurting.  Then, I couldn't move them for crap.

I took two ibuprofens and found I wasn't in excruciating pain as long as I stood and sat up extremely straight.  Yeah.  One problem, my left arm curled up.  So here I am walking around my office, slathered in Icy Hot (Yeah, smelled really sexy.  So sexy that one of my coworkers was so excited she could finally smell since her sinus surgery thanks to Icy Hot), stick straight, boobs out, and my arm kind of pulled up like a bird.  Yeah.  I looked like Big Bird.

I come home.  Decide to clean up.  Bad mistake. No, not because of my back but my sink decided to clog up and my garbage disposal was spraying water all over my kitchen.

I had to shut it off and clean up the mess.

I poured Drano.  It wouldn't go down.  The smell was caustic and I had to open up the windows to my apartment and hoped the fumes wouldn't kill me.

Then the next morning?

My toilet handle breaks.

Can't flush.

I call the apartment manager and ask them to repair both the sink and toilet.   Maintenance showed up on Friday.  He "fixed" the toilet.

Every time we flush, there's water allllllllllllllllllll over the bathroom floor.

Oh and my sink? He didn't touch it.


A weekend without a functioning sink and a leaky toilet
Oh and my back?

I am still Big Bird.

I call my apartment manager yesterday? She can't get anybody out until Tuesday (today).  I come home from work and guess what?

Nothing is fixed.

On the bright side? Icy Hot feels wonderful.  I work for a radiology company- so it's not like I can't get MRIs on my neck, back and shoulder but I am sooo not giving Murphy's Law anymore material.

It's become stand up comedy at work this week with my endless stories.   It's quite hilarious when I tell it out loud because really? It's hilarious.

Especially after I was in the fetal position on my couch with Kahlua and yelling like a deranged lunatic at Netflix because they don't have Little House on the Prairie on streaming.

Oh and I went to Arby's today for a beef and cheddar.  I got a Ruben.  I HATE Rubens.

I would cry if this all wasn't so damn funny.

I made an awesome orange chicken that is even better than any I've had at a restaurant and it will be on The Hungry Introvert some time this week... 

Sneak peek.  Yum.

However... I have the Internet, Cat videos and Jay and Silent Bob gifs to brighten me up.

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