Recipe: Slow Cooker Brown Sugar Pineapple Ham

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Recipe: Slow cooker brown sugar pineapple ham #choosesmart #ad

It's wild how fast the holidays are upon us once Halloween hits, they come back to back like tidal waves.  I love it but it always seems like there just isn't enough time to get it all done! I love to cook but since I work full time, I simplify as much of the cooking process as much as possible along with being able to cut some of my costs.  Who doesn't love a simple recipe?

I love ham.  I mean, I really, really love ham.  I love it because it's absolutely versatile.  Besides the main meal, the leftovers are absolutely magical.  You can make ham fried rice, ham and bean soup, ham and scalloped  potatoes, ham & egg scramble, quiche, ham sandwiches, etc. etc. etc.  You get my point.  When we have Thanksgiving with my family, we like both ham and turkey.  What can I say? We love options!  My brother is a fantastic cook and he likes to go Food Network chef on us.  He takes the time to make a complex recipe.

I like making simple recipes. ESPECIALLY if I can make it in the crockpot.  I like to be able to set it and forget it.  8 hours on low and it leaves ME with free time to work on projects, relax or just hang out with my daughter.  We've been making ornaments and it's been so much fun!

Along with simple recipes, I love one stop shopping.  When I make a grocery store run- I typically do it as soon as I get off of work and that doesn't leave me with a lot of time.  I have mastered the art of efficiency and getting in and out.  I love Smart & Final because I can typically get everything that I need, I don't need a membership for their warehouse, and I get everything at a great price.  I love their house brands- First Street, La Romanella, and Ambiance (among their other many great products!).  I also like the fact that they are small- I can get in and out fast! My kind of shopping.  I also follow them on Twitter and Facebook (make sure you do, too! Don't miss out on great content- especially recipes and deals)

Recipe: Slow cooker brown sugar pineapple ham #choosesmart #ad

I made this amazing brown sugar pineapple ham in the slow cooker and it came out AMAZING. It's very simple but it's not simple tasting but it's simply good! 

It's three ingredients. 

Brown Sugar. 


Bone-in, butt ham. 

Recipe: Slow cooker brown sugar pineapple ham #choosesmart #ad

That's it.  It's magic.   

Recipe: Slow cooker brown sugar pineapple ham #choosesmart #ad

Slow Cooker Brown Sugar Pineapple Ham:

1 cup of brown sugar - I used First Street.
1 10 ounce can of pineapple chunks (drained, but reserve the juice)- I used First Street's and it's in pineapple juice.
1 5-6 lb bone-in, butt ham.


1.  take 1/2 cup of brown sugar and pineapple juice and put in the bottom of your slow cooker (I recommend using a liner, if you can).
2.  put ham in, flat side down (if it's too big, you may have to trim it to fit and it the trimmed off chunks in there- orrrr... just eat them*).
3.  Cover ham with remaining half cup of brown sugar and pineapple chunks.
4.  Cover and cook on low for 8 hours.

Tips: If your ham is too tall for the lid, I used a few layers of aluminum foil and crimped it tightly around the edge of the crock and put it in the base.  

Recipe: Slow cooker brown sugar pineapple ham #choosesmart #ad

Stick around to see the ham + scalloped potatoes I make with the leftovers!

So, are you #TeamTurkey or #TeamHam? Or are you like me, #TeamBoth
What is your favorite dish at Thanksgiving? 
What are your traditions?

*As per mentioned by one commenter- Don't eat it unless it's full cooked :) Be sure to read the packaging.  You can freeze the trimmed pieces for later.

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