How I Review

I am a hobby reviewer and don't claim/want/ or pretend to be a professional reviewer. I just post quick reviews, did I like it or not, would I recommend it or not and reasons why I like it. I am not very detailed, and that is WHY I will never be more then a hobby reviewer :)

With that said, what are some things you do or don't like to read in a review?

Myself personally, a synopsis if there is already one quoted. For example, if I copy a synopsis from Goodreads, Amazon, the author/publisher's Site, etc., I won't add any more to that. I just jump right in to the review. I feel if a reviewer copies a synopsis, then goes back over what happened then it just become a book report.

I generally keep my reviews short, I am not an English or a Literature major (Accounting and Math major, to be exact! LOL), so I don't go through the nuances of the writing. My aim is at every day Joes and Janes who just enjoy a book and are not out to dissect every word, line and paragraph and that is the majority of readers. I just try to keep it simple, direct and to the point.

I have received some pretty snarky comments in regards to my reviews essentially being half assed and honestly, I don't care if the person reading my reviews doesn't like how I review. If they disagree with the review, that's fine. Bring forth the discussion, I agree to disagree. What I don't like, somebody else will and vice versa. As said in the paragraph above, I just keep it to the point and the bottom line is "Did I enjoy reading this book?". That's what's important.

The joys of being on the 'net, eh?


  1. Jaime, I LOVE short reviews. I want to know if you enjoyed the book, loved the book or didn't like it and maybe one sentence supporting this.

    If you write more... I usually stop reading the post, especially if I want to read the book myself. I find that many reviewers reveal too much about the plot.

    I provide the synopsis from and do not include my own synopsis.

    I hope I don't start receiving negative feedback :)

  2. I review like you, Jaime. It's your blog, review as you want to. You're not getting paid to do this, it's a hobby, right? That's how I look at my blog. And you bring attention to a lot of books! Keep doing what you've been doing. I follow your posts and enjoy getting suggestions, etc.

  3. Tis' your blog, you should review how you want to!

    Most of the time I feel liike I'm rambling on my reviews but it's what I'm feeling at the time for whatever book I just read. So i just go with it!

  4. I am like you, I am not a professional and don't claim to be one. I am just a book blogger with a opinion of what I thought of a book.

    I don't like it when people get to indepth into a book because I feel like they are giving away to much of the plot..unless it is a blog that is doing a discussion.

    I either put a synopsis that I find or do one myself, then I tell what I liked about it or didn't like about it.

    I actually like smaller reviews I am more apt to actually read the whole thing that a extremely long one. :)

  5. "I have received some pretty snarky comments in regards to my reviews essentially being half assed"

    This is just rude. If they feel they're not getting enough information, they why don't they just ask you specific questions? Or read other reviews?

  6. Personally, I am fine with short, to the point reviews. Did you like it? Would you reccoment it? Basically that I what people want to know.

    That being said, I try to be more in depth with my own reviews, simply because I feel that I owe it to the author/readers to explain WHY I am sticking them into a worth the price/not worth the price category.

    As you mentioned, I don't like going over what happens in the story. The synopsis gives the read a taste of it and too many reviewers treat it, as you said, like a book report. And reviewers that include spoilers...~mock horrow~...that's just rude.

    Instead, I focus on what I believe makes a book good or not. Strong plot, lots of action/suspense, steamy romance, witty dialogue/character interaction, and of course the cover of the book.

    So, there you have it. This is how I like to do things, but I don't see a problem in the way you do your thing.

    Keep up the great work! : D

    Jessica W.

  7. @Mari- I agree, too much of the plot and I won't buy the book. It was already ruined for me. I don't mind if somebody disagrees with my review of the book, I won't publish if it's an attack on the WAY I wrote the review. It's just silly to me.

    @Mary- Our reviews are pretty similar in style. Exactly! It's just a hobby as book lovers. The way I see a book is an escape and if I feel impacted (like The Kite Runner, Dragon House, The Wildest Heart, etc) then I feel the book deserves to be raved about!

    @Michelle- Exactly! If you are rambling about the book, that is YOUR feelings and it's YOUR blog! That's how the book impacted you and it's neither right nor wrong! Your reviews aren't ramblings, though, lol, you put a lot of thought into the book and you post it without giving away the book!

    @Ladystorm I agree!

    @Stephanie I wish that they would have asked specific questions. I honestly think somebody was trolling.

    @Jessica- Reviewers who do spoilers: BOO! HISSSS!! LOL

  8. That's okay I like short reviews. Short and to the point!:)

  9. I do a short synopsis, as I don't want to spoil the book. Aren't they supposed to just draw you in to want to read the story? If there's too much info - the books been ruined for me, so why read it.

    As for a review, I like to hear what people "get" from the book. I don't want a play-by-play as usually they will have spoilers and again, like a detailed synopsis, the book has been ruined for me.

    I became a follower because I love your reviews and I can't imagine why anyone would grumble about them. "Different strokes for different folks" I guess.

  10. I like how you do reviews, personally. I want to know how someone felt about a book and why, giving away as little of the plot line as possible. If I want a summary, I will read the back of the book. Which I don't usually do, anyway; I tend to find they give too much information.
    To each his own, though, hey
    If someone tells you you do it wrong, well, that's just wrong and uncool.
    And on a sidenote, YAY MATH!!!!

  11. I can't believe people have been snarky with you about reviews. Isn't this whole book blogging thing supposed to be fun? I usually try to keep alot of summary out of my reviews and keep it mostly to my reaction to the book/did I like it and why did I like it kind of thing.

  12. I know I do my reviews a bit differently - a little discussion about characters, plots and voice. But I like yours too - we all see/feel different things. You should do it the way you are comfortable! Not every book is for all people - same for reviews! :)

  13. Always interesting to know how other people do things - thanks for this post.

  14. I figure I do what I do because I enjoy it. I personally prefer to read short reviews, so that's what I tend to write, too.

  15. It always strikes me in head of "You got to be kidding?" when others feel that things should be just one way. If I do not like a way someone writes or the genres they like to read well then i do have the option to not read. The option to complain about said issues, no. That is not nice and very snarky.

    I like your reviews. I wish my reviews could be more direct and to the point. I have tried but I guess I tend to ramble. Like I am doing now. LOL.

    Who says that reviews should be done in one way? know if that was true and necessary then reading all these fantastic book blogs would be boring.

    Try not to let unfriendly comments bother you. Yes, easier said than done.

    Hey, do you have tips on how to write a short review? :)

  16. I'm popping over from mommy Bloggers Club. I look forward to checking out your book reviews. I am now following. Come check my blog out sometime.

  17. I tend to review the same way. I kinda feel bad for not doing a huge review, but what more can I say? I point out the reasons why I did or did not like it and try not to give spoilers.

  18. I always enjoy coming to your blog and it's obvious that many other people do as well. We all write differently and that's what makes it interesting. If we all did it the same than we would only need one blog.

    It's only a hobby for me too and I'm learning new things every day. I do the best I can the best way I know how. This is a very kind community and fortunately there are far more nice comments than mean ones. It only takes one to bring you down though. I hope you are getting lots of support because you do a great job! Just keep doing what you're doing! :)


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