Twitter Giveaways

Hi everybody!

Watch tomorrow night (want to give everybody a heads up!) on Twitter for some quick, lightening giveaways! If you aren't already following me on Twitter, be sure to do so, the link is on the left side of my page!

Up for grabs are some unclaimed books or books that the winner let me know they had already won on another site, so it's YOUR lucky night tomorrow!

Up for grabs:
2 copies of Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly
4 copies of Run For Your Life by James Patterson

What I will do, as some of you may already know who have participated, I will post on Twitter something along the lines of "I have 2 copies of Nine Dragons for the first two to reply to my tweet" and I will tweet who won. You can say "I want Nine Dragons" or "Count me in", whatever. The first 2 will be the winners. I will only do one title at a time and I will give you notice of how much time is remaining for the next title. PLEASE DO NOT DM ME!!! There is a DELAY in the DMs (at least a minute) and your entry will not count!

Stay tuned tomorrow (Saturday November 7th) evening for more!!!

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