Review: The Wildest Heart by Rosemary Rogers

The Wildest Heart

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New York Times bestseller with over 3 million sold - the #1 bestselling book from mega-bestselling author.
Rosemary Rogers' romances are known for their breathtaking pace, wide ranging and exotic locales, violent passions and unforgettable characters. The Wildest Heart is Rosemary Rogers'#1 bestselling book, with nearly three million copies sold.
Heroine Rowena Dangerfield is sensual, headstrong, and scandalously independent, the granddaughter of the governor of an Indian province under the British empire. After his death, she travels to England and then to New Mexico, where she arrives in grand style to lay claim to her inheritance.
There she discovers an affinity with the wild and untamed frontier and meets Lucas Cord, a devastatingly handsome half-Apache renegade, whose reputation as a feared outlaw both attracts and repels her. When he encounters the beautiful stranger, unlike any woman he's ever met before, he knows instantly that he'll have to win her for his own, and not even the treachery of desperate enemies is going to stop him.

A sweeping, beautiful epic historical romance, "The Wildest Heart" by Rosemary Rogers kept me entranced throughout 739 pages. Yes, 739 pages. Beginning in 1872 with Rowena in India, onto 1873 when upon her grandfather's death she is sent to her mother's (whom she has never met) in London, and off to America upon her finding out her father is dying and has left her his ranch in New Mexico and a very wealthy woman. These pages take you through her life to 1878 without disappointing and no obnoxious down time. When I first saw this book, I was overwhelmed. A romance THIS long? How much can the author write about? Obviously plenty and without disappointing the reader. This is a TRUE romance in my book. Lady Rowena is beautiful, fierce, independent and strong. Her life was never easy, she is The Wildest Heart. I felt so much of a connection with Lady Rowena, dislike towards Todd Shannon, unsure about Lucas Cord and of course, I eventually fell in love with him, and all the players. I love when an author can build other characters without losing her key players. The late 1800s was a time of wild, raucous and outlaws, especially in the west. The author has woven the time period in beautifully.

Just beautiful. I say this book is worth each and every page you read. I wasn't disappointed and I am sure other readers won't be either. I will even say this, this is definitely going into my re-read pile for another round. Be prepared to be captivated through the entire book

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  1. Oooh, this is going on my wish list!!! Great review, Jaime!

  2. I enjoyed this one too and was also a bit afraid of its length! But I don't regret the read, it was indeed an interesting one! Great review!

  3. How timely your review is as I just put this book on my Secret Santa wish list. After reading your review, I am very glad I put it on my list. I cannot wait to read it as I will even if I do not recieve it as a gift.

  4. Great review, Jamie!

    I also enjoyed this book and now I think I will re-read it sometime!

  5. Thanks everybody!
    Mary and Deanna- this was a GREAT book. I am not kidding, it was THAT good!

    Marie & Razlover's,
    I was totally afraid of the size. I was overwhelmed until I started reading and WOW! It's definitely one to reread.

  6. This is my all time favorite book! So glad others agree! Read it first when I was in high school twenty years ago and have re-read just about every year since! It's a well-worn paperback! should get a hard cover but I doubt it is in print anymore!


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