Lots and Lots of Winners!! Woo Hoo!

Five Contests have ended and that equals a lot of winners with some great reading for November! Yay!

Winners have until Tuesday, November 3rd at Midnight (PST) to email me at [email protected] with their mailing addresses or their book(s) will be forfeited to a Twitter giveaway. Please make sure when you email me to put the book and your username in the subject line or I won't know who you are :)

Congratulations to all the winners and I am sorry I can't give a book to EVERYBODY, I would if I could but keep watching, I have many to list this month that I have been to lazy to post! LOL.

These were a lot of fun to read all of your answers!

Drum Roll Please..............

The Winner of Alec Thrace and The Lost Medallion by M.D. Griffith is:
Madwoman-doing-cartwheels who said...
Probably the wild west. I am kind of torn between wanting to be a dance hall girl or a pioneer wife. I love baths so because I think the dance hall girl would get more chances at the big tub I suppose that would be my choice.

For Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly:

The winners are...

Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write

The Winners of Run For Your Life by James Patterson are:

Stacie who said...
That`s easy- Michael Myers from Halloween. I still have nightmares about him!

Bethie said...
I remember the Son of Sam as kid and it scared me to death.

Sheila (bookjourney) said...
Michael Meyer... oh and Jason Vortez. Seriously any of those creepy non talking guys with the super slow walk..... AHHHHHHH!!!

donnas said...
For fiction characters - Hannibal Lecter
For real life - Charles Manson

MarthaE said...
I really like Patterson's books.
I have to agree with you - I think Freddy Kruger is the scariest serial killer. UGH!

The Winners of The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold are:

Lynz Pickles said...
I wish Blood and Chocolate had never been made into a movie. Seriously, the book was so good! Why did they have to make a horrible movie of it?

Marian said...
I would love to see Colleen McCullough's The First Man in Rome be made into a movie. What an epic that would be.

MarionG said...
Hi I would like to see the book Outlander by Diana Gabdalon made into a movies. I love this series of books.

Indigo said...
I would love to see Patricia Briggs book "Moon Called" made into a series. I think the whole Mercy Thompson series would make better material for movies than the Twilight series.

robin_titan said...
I would LOVE it if The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer became a movie. Only if it became a REALLY good movie though. Not if they f-ed it up. I would hate that so much

Last but certainly not least, The Highlander's Temptation by Sue-Ellen Welfonder:

Mary Ann DeBorde

All winners were chosen by using Random.org

For all winners EXCEPT Alec Thrace and the Lost Medallion, remember no P.O. Boxes and US and Canada only (Those guidelines were in the giveaway post!)

Once again, congratulations!


  1. Thank you thank you thank you.
    So looking forward to reading Highlander's Temptation. :o)
    I just emailed you my info.

    Congratulations to all the other winners!

  2. Thank you Jaime! Congrats to other winners too! I'm e-mailing you my info. :)

  3. Congratulations to all of the winners! Enjoy!

  4. Awesome news! Thank you! I just sent my info. to you.

    Thanks Again! Indigo

  5. Thanks so much and congrats to all! I'm sending an email now!


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