Summer Exploration & Party Ideas with Evite

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Summer has officially arrived.  

Yay.  Well, kind of.  It's bittersweet because in the Southwest it's extremely hot and that means not only having to be creative with keeping kids occupied but working AROUND the extreme heat.  That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the outdoor- just get creative.

I am sharing some fun summer exploration and party ideas to beat the heat!

1.  S'mores Escape!

Summer Exploration & Party Ideas with Evite

We like to escape the heat and head to the mountains when it gets too hot.  Pitch some tents, start a campfire (only as long as it's okay with the forest service) and make s'mores.  It's even better with a group of friends.  

2. Midsummer Night's Dream

Ahhh, the summer solstice or also known as midsummer and of course, when one thinks of midsummer, Shakespeare comes to mind.  Well, one specific comedy- Midsummer Night's Dream.  There's nothing more magical than a Midsummer Night's Dream themed party on a summer night.  Fun food, magic, and costumes.  Fun to be had by all.

3.  Movies Under The Stars

Movies under the stars are very popular in local cities and towns.  They're fun and usually free.  It's also easy to host one at home!  Set up a movie viewing area outside along with ice buckets full of drinks and a table of snacks.  Fun and family friendly.

4. BBQs

Who doesn't love a good cookout? Friends, family, food and fun.  The best of all worlds.  Easy to put together with huge payoff. 

Be sure to checkout Evite for free and premium invitations for your summer get togethers!  

What ideas do you have for summer get togethers? 

Which Evite theme is your favorite?

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