Fun August Reading Challenge

Hosted by Pizza's Book Discussion. This challenge is to see who can read the most books in August! Sounds like fun and something I can do. I doubt I will win as my fall semester starts August 22nd (I believe!) but it will be something fun to join in on!

Head on over so you can join in, too!

My List:
1. Julie & Julia by Julie Powell. Finished August 9, 2009 *review pending*
2. Jake the Snake and the stupid time-out chair by Shelly Faith Nicholson *review pending*
3. Saffron Dreams by Shaila Abdullah *review pending*


  1. Well I wish you luck on the challenge. I might look into it myself. I kind of vary depending on the books.

  2. I am so glad you are joining in this too!

  3. Thanks! I am glad to join too J Kaye!

    Barbara, you should really join. There are no rules!


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