What are YOU reading Mondays

Vist J-Kaye's blog for more information on the What Are You Reading Mondays and to join. What did you finish last week? What are you reading now and what will you finish? Great fun and great reading!

Last week I finished Sacred Night, Dark Destiny, and Taken. I am too lazy to post the links but go see my reviews!

This week I am reading:

Field of Blood (Jerusalem's Undead Trilogy, Book 1)
"This Present Darkness meets historical legends in this Biblically grounded series.

The suicide of Judas Iscariot in 30 A.D. left his blood seeping into the soil of the Field of Blood, in Aramaic the Akeldama. When this same field is disturbed by work crews outside Jerusalem in 1989, a clan of supernatural Collectors is released from the ancient burial chambers. Infused with Judas's enmity, they seek to corrupt and destroy.

Gina Lazarescu has always felt like she didn't quite belong. But a bizarre accident with a delivery van leaves her questioning if the differences aren't more significant than she realized. When a man she met as a young girl in Romania reappears with a fantastic tale of immortality, Gina must decide whether to believe or to ignore what she's seeing.

Regardless of what she decides, she's headed for an unavoidable collision with the Akeldama. "

Let me also preface this by saying, I generally don't read religious books due to my personal belief system but I couldn't pass this one up. I was too intrigued- Vampires and Christian Fiction? Oh yeah, let's get it on! I am definitely open minded! Seriously, doesn't this sound awesome? I am on Chapter 4 and WOW!! Can Eric Wilson write. I am so intrigued I can't handle it! I also have the second book (well, it's a galley) of the Jerusalem's Undead Trilogy and can't wait!

Under This Unbroken Sky
"Spring 1938. After nearly two years in prison for the crime of stealing his own grain, Ukrainian immigrant Theo Mykolayenko is a free man. While he was gone, his wife, Maria, their five children, and his sister, Anna, struggled to survive on the harsh northern Canadian prairie, but now Theo-a man who has overcome drought, starvation, and Stalin's purges--is determined to make a better life for them. As he tirelessly clears this untamed land, Theo begins to heal himself and his children. But the family's hopes and newfound happiness are short-lived. Anna's rogue

husband, the arrogant and scheming Stefan, unexpectedly returns, stirring up rancor and discord that will end in violence and tragedy.

Under this Unbroken Sky is a mesmerizing tale of love and greed, pride and desperation, that will resonate long after the last page is turned. Shandi Mitchell has woven an unbearably suspenseful story, written in a language of luminous beauty and clarity. Rich with fiery conflict and culminating in a gut-wrenching climax, this is an unforgettably powerful novel from a passionate new voice in contemporary literature.

Shandi Mitchell is an award-winning Canadian filmmaker and screenwriter. Her short films have screened at numerous international festivals, and she is a recipient of a Canada Council for the Arts endowment. Mitchell spent her childhood on a military base on the prairies and now makes her home in Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada, with her husband, Alan, and their dog, Annie. Under This Unbroken Sky is her first novel."

This I am reading for the Barnes and Noble First Look Book Club! I haven't started it as of this second but will soon!


  1. Hi Jamie! You asked on my blog today how I kept track of the contests. I think by grouping them all under the same tab it helps me to check on then and keep an eye on when they are ending. I have kind of learned that I dont want several to end on the same day because the drawing for the winners, emailing them, posting the winners, and getting the winner info to the publishers is a lot of work! :)

    Love your blog... :) Have a great night

  2. Some interesting reading there, I'll be waiting for your reviews.
    Here's my post

  3. Wow -- all these books look great. Have a wonderful week of reading!

  4. Field of Blood looks very interesting, I'm curious to see what your thoughts on it will be.

  5. Thanks Sheila!

    TeddyRee- Thanks!!! So far, so good!

    Hi Ana O.-I am in Chapter 6 now and it's been FANTASTIC!!! Eric Wilson, so far, has proved to be a fantastic writer!

  6. Then I'll definitely add it to my WL! ;-)

  7. I was reading some of the reviews online, I think some of the negativity comes from people not expecting the Vampire aspect and apparently leaves some things off until The Haunts of Jackals. I like that in a trilogy! I have the Haunts of Jackals galley, so that's going to attacked sometime soon!

  8. Field of Blood sounds promising. I'll be waiting for your review
    Happy Reading!!

  9. Hi, following you from MBC.
    Have a great week!

  10. Under This Broken Sky sounds like something I would LOVE to read! I hope you enjoy it!

  11. Ohhhh! I wanna read Eric Wilson's book! Hope you enjoy it. :)

  12. They sound good, a little intense, but good! Enjoy :)

  13. First time visitor to your site! Thanks for visiting mine today :o)

  14. J Kaye- I am on page 150, just started it last night and I can't put it down. Darn home responsibilities keep getting in my way. Sigh. It's really very very good. I should have a review up VERY shortly!!!

    Mary- I agree, these are definitely intense books and I can't complain!


    Thanks for stopping! I enjoyed your blog!


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