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Throwback Thursday – this is a weekly event hosted byJenny at Take Me Away! It is the time each week to recognize those older books… an older book you’ve always wanted to read, or one that you have read and love; maybe one from your childhood; or review an older book -- how about even a classic! Head on over to her blog, join and let's reminisce!

I think my throwback is going to be......


You guessed it, "Flowers for Algernon" by Daniel Keyes. It's been at least 17 years since I read it (I am basing this on most likely having been back in 8th grade when I read it), I can't write a review but I really want to reread this. What a classic!

Here's the synopsis:

"Daniel Keyes wrote little SF but is highly regarded for one classic, Flowers for Algernon. As a 1959 novella it won a Hugo Award; the 1966 novel-length expansion won a Nebula. The Oscar-winning movie adaptation Charly (1968) also spawned a 1980 Broadway musical.

Following his doctor's instructions, engaging simpleton Charlie Gordon tells his own story in semi-literate "progris riports." He dimly wants to better himself, but with an IQ of 68 can't even beat the laboratory mouse Algernon at maze-solving:

I dint feel bad because I watched Algernon and I lernd how to finish the amaze even if it takes me along time.

I dint know mice were so smart.

Algernon is extra-clever thanks to an experimental brain operation so far tried only on animals. Charlie eagerly volunteers as the first human subject. After frustrating delays and agonies of concentration, the effects begin to show and the reports steadily improve: "Punctuation, is? fun!" But getting smarter brings cruel shocks, as Charlie realizes that his merry "friends" at the bakery where he sweeps the floor have all along been laughing at him, never with him. The IQ rise continues, taking him steadily past the human average to genius level and beyond, until he's as intellectually alone as the old, foolish Charlie ever was--and now painfully aware of it. Then, ominously, the smart mouse Algernon begins to deteriorate...

Flowers for Algernon is a timeless tear-jerker with a terrific emotional impact. --David Langford"

Just rereading this makes me a little teary eyed! Maybe it's because I am a little sensitive to the mentally challenged because of my daughter :(

Either ways, what's YOUR throwback?



  1. Excuse my ignorance, I've never heard of this one but it sounds wonderful. I agree with you, I get teary with the books that touch close to home in some way.

    I remember howling with Bryce Courteny's April Fools Day as my boys also have a bleeding disorder

  2. I think it's one of those books that is easily forgotten and easily remembered and makes you say "Oh yeah!" Definitely pick it up if you ever get the chance!

    I have never heard of April Fools Day. What bleeding disorder does your son have? That has to be hard!

  3. I read Flowers for the first time only a couple of months ago and absolutely loved it. I'm not ashamed to say that I cried a waterfall at the end. :)

    Great throw back!


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