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Purplicious Purplicious by Victoria Kann

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My daughter, Emma, suffers from a traumatic brain injury due to being a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome. She is going on 6 but is cognitively 3 and she also suffers physical disabilities from the brain injury.

I found Purplicious one day while searching for books for Emma. Emma is a huge lover of books (just like her mother) and when I found Purpilicious the first thing I thought was it will be visually stimulating. And right I was. The bright colors (yes, my Emma loves the colors purple and pink!) captured her interest. Even better? The story of Purpilicious.

Pinkalicious loves the color pink until some of the other children started laughing at her and telling her that pink is for babies. Pinkalicious tries to defend her color choice and becomes very sad at the other girls' judgment of the color pink. She wouldn't even eat PINK ice cream!

Then one day, Pinkalicious makes a new friend- Purpilicious who loves the color purple and doesn't care what anybody thinks of it! They become friends united by "Baby Colors"

I love this book because my daughter is "different". with this book, I know she can learn that it's ok to be who she is regardless of whether it's popular.

Cute book!

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  1. That's awesome that you found such a great book to help your little one understand others and herself!

    I wanted to let you know that I have awarded you right back with the Zombie Chicken Award. I think you'll get a kick out of it!

    Thanks for the super blog!

  2. Lovely review:) Doesn't the world need more books like this?! Concept is refreshing for people of all kinds. Thanks:)

  3. I'm not normally a "purple" person but I have to say this looks very pretty! And I also want to say that Emma is so lucky to have such a wonderful Mommy as you!

  4. I am actually shocked this had so many low reviews. I noticed many of the people who low rated thought it was "unhealthy" that Pinkalicious was picked on for liking pink and didn't want their children subjected to that school of thought! WTF?? Seriously. Welcome to the real world. They should know it's ok to like things that are not accepted by their peers. That's being UNIQUE! LOL

    Thanks for the award! Love it!

    I agree Lucy! There's a book I like called "Me Talk Pretty One Day" and it's awesome! I like books that teach tolerance!

    Thank you Mary :) I feel pretty lucky to have her!

  5. Awwww, what an adorable sounding book. I'm glad Emma loved it :-D

    (And purple's one of my favourite colours too)

  6. Awesome! As a lover of both pink and purple and a grand-daughter with the same great taste this is a book I will purchase for her. I will also place a copy in my classroom. Thanks for the referral.


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