Go read my interview over at Genevieve's Blog!
Be sure to check out her blog, it's a great one!



  1. That was great, Jaime! And I'm sorry, I left a comment and the moment I hit post, I realized I'd spelled your name wrong.

    Good luck with J.Kaye's giveaway. And yes, D&D geeks unite!

  2. Great interview, Jaime! :-D I really enjoyed it. And felt like I got to know a bit more about you.

    So, are you keeping the blog name as "Revenge of the Book Nerds" now? I like it. :-D

  3. Thanks L Diane! I hope I win them, eh, if not, I will end up buying them! Either ways, can't wait to read your books! D&D Rules!

    Thanks Juju!

    Yes, Ceri.. I think it's official! Revenge of the Book Nerds it is. Actually, when I answered it in the question, I went and watched Revenge of the Nerds I, and it was set in stone! LOL

  4. Thanks for that awesome interview Jaime!

    Diane: It's my fault! I totally spelled her name wrong in the title. I kept alternating between Jaime and Jamie-- And I knew that it was Jaime!

  5. LOL! Don't even worry about the spelling.. even my dad can't get it right! hahahahahaha. He spells it Jaimie! When in doubt, put the I in both spots! LOL

  6. Haha, that made me literally laugh out loud! My mom tends to misspell my name when she's typing it. One of my teachers this past summer would spell my name a totally different way each time he'd send out e-mails. He must have come up with 20 misspellings, each more creative then the last. After a while I asked him about it and he said that at first it was just because he couldn't remember how to spell "Genevieve" but then it became like a game to screw it up as much as possible and people still understand who he was talking about, lol.

  7. Great interview Jaime! Genevieve does a nice job. It is always interesting to hear more about other bloggers! :)

  8. Genevieve! That is soooo funny! You definitely have enough letters in your name to play the scrabble game!

    Thanks Wrighty! Yes, Genevieve did a GREAT job. She definitely asked great questions!


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