What are YOU reading Mondays (7)

Vist J-Kaye's blog for more information on the What Are You Reading Mondays and to join. What did you finish last week? What are you reading now and what will you finish? Great fun and great reading!

Finished: 0. Ok. Not REALLY zero.

I finished "A Taste of Guam" cookbook which I cooked 4 items out of and need to post my review. I will post photos with it :) Nom worthy!

This was a rough readjustment week. I started a new job, my daughter went back to school, I start my fall semester this Monday but because I had to redo my schedule due to finding a job, which I didn't expect I would, the pickings were really slim and took what I could get.. an easy semester. Not that I am complaining but I really needed a few specific math and sociology classes but that's ok though. Next semester :) Now that we are getting a semi normal routine I will get back in to my reading groove.

Currently reading:

Saffron Dreams by Shaila Abdullah. I am on page 70 and let me tell you... I have been teary eyed a few times. I won't give anything away.. but have a feeling I will be done very very soon. It's THAT good. Just learned that if you purchase a book through the author's site, a portion of the proceeds go to Aga Khan Foundation which will aid the poor in third world countries. http://www.shailaabdullah.com/SD-buy.html

Also, I am still working on
My Cousin Caroline by Rebecca Ann Collins, on page 40

Under This Unbroken Sky by Shandi Mitchell, on page 90

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  1. I'm reading Under this Unbroken Sky right now as well. Are you enjoying it? I've never heard of swagbucks before. I shall go check it out. :)

  2. Don't you just love Swagbucks? So far I have gotten a football card for hubby, a $5 Amazon GC, a song on MP3, as well as numerous contest entries. I'm debating cashing in for another Amazon GC, but I can't make up my mind!

    I know how you feel not finishing anything. I've been on the same 3 books since August 4th. That's a crazy long time for me! I'm really going to try hard to finish Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton tonight so I have something more to post than same old-same old!

  3. Hey one good read for the week is better than 3 crappy reads & you have a lot of other stuff on your plate so well done :-)
    Hope everything settles down soon!
    Here's my Monday post

  4. Oh that happens to me every time my schedule changes. Everything is throw off balance. Hope things adjust soon!

  5. Haven't heard of any of these books - but then thats why i love this memo, you get to know so many other books.
    Happy reading!!

  6. Congrats on the new job and good luck with your new classes!

  7. wide variety of books. My mom is a cook book fanatic lol.

    my Monday post is here :D

  8. I hope the transition into a new schedule won't be too tough. Good luck with the new job and semester. What degree are you studying for? I wish you all the best - and a little reading time : )


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