#FlowersInTheAttic 2014!

Bam! Check out the new cover! How awesome is that? I do love the new cover but I must admit, I still feel some sentimentality for the original cover (I like a face on a cover but that's just me).  I am loving the reprint! Woot!

Of course, I posted previously here about Lifetime's remake of the movie and I can't wait!

Lifetime has released an extended trailer:

Are you spazzed out as much as I am?
Are you feeling a bit nostalgic?
What do you remember about reading it the first time- did you have to hide the book?
Did you stay up late and just so you could finish it?
I, for one, plan to reread it next week!

The world premiere is on January 18th.  I am so tuning in.  Are you?

Just because these GIFs are so awesome, I have to repost them on this post (even though I did post them previously.  Wow.  I used POST a lot...)

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