Welcome to 2014

I would LOVE to give credit to the creator of this image but I don't know who did it and I found it floating on FB.  Please let me know who you are so I can give credit where credit is due

Happy New Year to you all! Did you do anything exciting or fun? 

I had grand plans- I waited until it was 2014 on the East Coast and I had plans for a solid night's sleep.  My neighborhood had other plans that involved fireworks and possibly a gun or two.  I was awake.  I ended up watching NYPD Blue.  That show was absolutely amazing.  I adored Bobby Simone and Andy Sipowicz. 

I am craaaazy and wild.  Be jealous.  I know you are.... like, really, really jealous.  Right? Haha.

I've thought about my plans for this new year.  Resolutions, Goals, Plans, Hope, Wishes, whatever you want to call them- I love a new year.  Some people put their goals in other ways but I do like a fresh new calendar and beginning at a ground zero of sorts.  My birthday is on January 10 and although I won't tell you my exact age but I will say, I am in my 30s, but I have a lot of goals and plans  for 2014 and also a timeline of things I'd like to do by my 40th, 45th and 50th birthdays.  

Before I share my goals for 2014, I want to take a look at my goals/resolution/whatever for 2013 and see what I did or did not hit and why! My post last year is here if you would like to read the entire post.  

Here were my goals for 2013:

 1. Less eating out. (It's so easy to hit a drive thru for lunch at work! However, it's so expensive! I will also eat healthier) 
2. Fixing myself up more. Seriously. You should see me most days. They're lucky I brush my hair.
 3. Better time management. With school, Emma, and work... I'm a mess.
 4. Declutter.
 5. Set a blogging goal. Whether it's once a week or just twice a month.
 6. Open my business on Etsy this spring. 
8. Once a month: Go out with friends for dinner, drinks, coffee, whatever! 
9. Join a meetup and GO. 
10. I finish my degree this year and am taking one semester off.
11.  Make it home to Kansas to visit family and friends.  
12.  Disneyland.
13. Get more active- exercise, community, etc.  I am trying this again!   
14.  Take more photos.  Seriously.  

Did I achieve any of them? Some completely.  Some only half way.  Some not at all.

1.  Only partially.  I am still hitting the drive thru too often for lunch.  Not eating much healthier but I am making more meals at home in the evening and weekend.
2.  Meh.  Barely.  Ha. 
3.  Definitely better in this area- I am about 65-70% met.
4.  Ha.  A little bit.  I started decluttering the last few months.  
5.  I have set a blogging goal that I have MOSTLY met and have kicked up my game since fall and my goal has been to blog twice a week.  I have exceeded it most weeks.
6.  Ha Ha Ha.  Nope.
8.  Nope.  I have met a few friends a few times but not nearly enough. 
9.  Nope.  Not at all.
10.  Degree is finished.  Yay!
11.  I did achieve that goal but not for a reason I wanted to... my dad passed away and we did make it home.  I did share some photos of our trip home here and here.   
12. Not. even. close.
13.  Kinda.  I did two interviews about two organizations for disabled children.  Read them here and here
14.  Much more recently.  Well, more like for Christmas. LOL  Here and here.  

What do I have planned for 2014? 

1.  See the photo.  Totally becoming a unicorn. 
2.  Emma dressing herself and taking better care of her hygiene.  
3.  Bumping the business goal to this summer.  
4.  Growing my blog.  I would like to grow my readership and visitors.  However, I need to create much more engagement- that is the most important part to me.  I love chatting with you all! 
5.  I am going to try the socializing more route :)
6.  I am a cookbook hoarder.  My goal is to cook one meal a week out of my cookbooks.  I have some GREAT cookbooks. 
7.  Begin degree numero dos.
8.  Clean my credit up enough that I can get approved to buy property (not that I will have a down payment large enough by then but to get my credit rating higher).
9.  Goes hand and hand with #8- out of credit card debt by May.  
10.  Achieve professional goals at work. 
11.  Disneyland is still on the dream list.
12.  No new clothes until I am down two sizes.  
13.  Going to try the fix-myself-up-more goal again. 
14.  Still decluttering and downsizing.  I would like to have a neat, clean home. What?  A girl can dream, right?

I think those are good enough for now! 

What goals do you have for this new year? 

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  1. I want to be a unicorn too! I'm working on growing my blog too, sometimes it's hard to pull away from my life to comment abd read like I need to. I hope you post the recipes you make weekly on your blog, I love seeing New recipes from blogging friends!

    1. Wouldn't becoming a unicorn be amazing? I'm ready!

      It is definitely hard to visit all the blogs and comment. It's a LOT of work!

      Yes! I hope to! That's my goal *crosses fingers*


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