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A blogger's work is never done.  I just want to say that.  I am going to be moving to Self Hosted WordPress next month some time (still researching which hosting service I am going to use and I am trying to decide if I will change my blog name or not and what new layout I want.  Choices, choices, choices).  I am also building my editorial calendar.  I decided to stop "Monday Music" and that means I need to clean up my labels, tabs and images and I feel kinda lazy about that.  I have been going through a lot of old posts (as in since 2007 posts...) and fixing links (changing to "no follow"), images, and even deleting some old posts.  This is a never ending task.  Ha ha.  With that being said, I want to talk about Beck Hansen and why I am obsessed with his music.

First, genres.  He has never been one to stick with one particular style.  He is very antifolk and I love his style.  I remember when "Loser" came out and we were all trying to figure out the lyrics and I have been utterly obsessed with his music since then.  

Second, his lyrics.  Just listen to them.

Third, his voice.  Just listen to him.

Fourth, he's married to Marisa Ribisi.  I think that makes them awesome.  

Last, these songs:

Happy Hump Day!

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