Money Saving: Lunch Containers

One of my 2014 goals is to be able to get a lot of my debt paid down and have my credit good enough to at least qualify for a mortgage.  I may not BUY this year but definitely want to have my finances in really good shape.  One of my goals is also to cook at home more (which I have been getting better at since the latter part of 2013) and to take my lunch to work more often.  

I have been looking for good quality lunch containers and I found some that I think I will order from Zulily!  

Check out these amazing deals!

I am in LOVE with this blue salad container! It's regularly $15 but it's only $9.00 on zulily right now!

 I love sandwiches and this container is awesome and they're only $9.99! 

I found this super cute set for only $7.99

I also want to get better control and organize and these containers would be awesome to organize, especially in my hot mess of a fridge.  I think at $24.99, these are a great deal! 
What do you do to save money?
Have you ever shopped on zulily?  If you haven't, you must! I adore this site.  It's one of my all time favorite deal websites and I have found their customer service to always be outstanding. 

If you are looking for containers, definitely check out the Sistema on sale at zulily and all the other sales, too!

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