Monday Music: Ariana Grande

Welcome to Monday! 

A new week.  New start.  And... procrastination.  Mondays are tough.  It's even tougher after ending a Holiday break! Now, it's back to the grind. 

Saturday night, the above CDs were on my playlist in rotation.  Well, the MP3 albums (love that Amazon includes the MP3 album with the CD purchase).  

I have to say Ariana Grande has blown me away.  I knew of her because of Emma being a fan of Victorious.  I always thought she was a pretty girl but who knew she had this voice! No idea.  This album is amazing.  I've listened to it over and over! 

She gets compared to Mariah Carey and although I won't make the comparisons, I can see why they do.  It's unfair to an artist who is trying to gain their own footing and besides, I've never been much of a Mariah Carey fan (she just annoys me).  

I love that a few of the songs are throwbacks to 1990s era R&B.  R&B groups (especially the girls) and solo artists from the 1990s are some of my FAVORITES!  There is NOT a song on the album I hate.  They're all very good! 

Here are some of the songs I love:

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  1. She really does have a great voice!! I find myself liking more and more female artists these days. I see your photo up top includes Tegan and Sara's latest album. I own that one and LOVE IT.



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