Terrible Parenting Confessions + Haim + Blogging

A triple threat? I think yes.

My birthday was on January 10th and I turned the ripe old age of thirty...something.

I told you last week (here) about how my sweet coworkers brought me a cake, I took myself shopping and my sister brought me a burrito.

What I DIDN'T tell you is that I am a terrible parent.  Ha.  When my daughter came home from her after school program, she was so excited.  She sang happy birthday to me on the van, came inside and was excited for cake.  I was sitting at the table talking to my sister that I needed to dye my hair because it's mousy brown and all of a sudden, Emma's face falls and she runs out of the room crying.  I run after her and this is what happens:

Now, this video is actually six minutes long but basically, I'm dying, she's hysterical, look at my hair- it's dying and I need to fix it and she will have to live alone.  Why am I terrible? I was dying of laughter instead of consoling her broken heart.  No worries.  She was fine afterwards and her little heart was soothed with chocolate cake.

I didn't post a Monday Music on Monday.  I decided that I have too much to post on Mondays- generally I have either my book linkup, sponsored posts, food, etc or something along those lines on Mondays and I don't want to have a flood on Mondays and have some great posts get lost in the feeds.  I am not sure if I will post up music on Tuesdays (i.e., Tuesday Tunes or something like that?) or Thursdays.  I am not 100% sure but... I do know that today I am obsessed with Haim.  I love the throwback vibes.  They are uber cool.

I decided to create a blog binder.  It has a week by week planning calendar, websites with username/passwords, campaigns (keep track of financials), monthly stat tracker, set goals, etc.  I am considering the move to Self Hosted WordPress. There are so many benefits to moving to a self hosted platform and my stats aren't impressive, so if I lose some traffic during the move, it won't be devastating (Don't get me wrong, it will hurt but not as badly as if I was getting 100K hits per month and dropped to 5K.  I am not even getting 5K right now although.. I think I will be there in February at the rate that I am going! Woot Woot!).

How do you organize and keep track of your blog? Do you have an editorial calendar? I would love to hear what you do!

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  1. Haha. Oh no!!! I think I would have been laughing too, though...

  2. Haha! Sometimes our kids suffering is our humor! I would have laughed too!

    So, I use my Erin Condren planner... I freaking love it... and truth be told sometimes I still don't stay on track!

  3. Poor Emma! But I don't think I would have been able to stop laughing either, so don't feel too bad. :)

    I use the calendar on google to keep track of blog posts, but that's about it for my organizing. Afraid I'm not very good with organization, although I do love making lists! Don't cross very many things off, but I love making them! *L*

  4. Bad me, I said I was coming back to check out all the blog posts I've missed ... didn't happen did it. So a very, very belated Happy Birthday. But thanks your post gave me giggles, brought back memories too lol.

    All my future posts go into draft in blogger with assigned dates etc etc and I worry about the post or review content closer to the date. That's about as organised as I get lol. I've even bought my domain name and self hosting but compared to my blogger blog it looks dull and I'm worried about losing traffic so I just keep paying the annual fee and do nothing haha


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